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Soy Wax Information + Tips

  • All natural: Wax is derived from vegetables 
  • Burns cleaner and longer than traditional parrafin wax 
  • 100% non-toxic: Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free 
  • Burns evenly 
  • Safety & Burn Tips 
  • Remove all the packaging before lighting. 
  • Place on a heat-safe surface. 
  • Container will be hot when candle is lit. 
  • Keep away from children and pets. 
  • Keep away from things that catch fire. 
  • Burn within sight. 
  • Keep wick trimmed to avoid build up and to keep a clean burn. 
  • If smoking occurs, blow candle out. Trim wick(s), remove trimmings, and relight. 
  • Teach everyone in the family the rules of safe candle use.